Bluffton is a centuries old town in the Low Country of South Carolina. Bluffton got its name because the original town sat on a bluff on the May River. Rich with history from the Civil War era, Bluffton has taken pride in preserving as much of the original town as possible to keep the history alive. Tourists come from all over to take part in the history of Bluffton, SC. A visit to Bluffton’s Historic District should be on every travel bucket list. You don’t want to miss the vast history that Bluffton, SC has to offer.

Along with Bluffton South Carolina’s rich historical beauty there is quite a bit of natural beauty to see too. Bluffton is full of hiking trails and waterways to explore at your leisure. Take an excursion on the May River by boat or kayak to experience the beauty firsthand. The Victoria Bluff Preserve is full of gorgeous scenery the whole family will love and will make any summer vacation complete.

Bluffton is a short drive from the popular Hilton Head, SC. Bluffton’s more eclectic and historical vibe makes it a quaint town to stay in away from the crowds of Hilton Head. Though smaller in size, Bluffton is not lacking in beautiful accommodations. Gorgeous resorts on the river as well as incredible vacation homes, Bluffton has no shortage of beautiful places to rest and relax. Bluffton is a haven of history and leisure.

Whether you are looking to make a move to enjoy the easy life of low country living or looking to establish a vacation home to come and enjoy and rent out while not in use, NIX Flooring & Design is here to help. We are incredibly knowledgeable in the restoration of hardwood and can help you maintain the historical beauty of a home in the historic district. We also specialize in flooring and cabinetry and can cater to your style to bring you an elevated low country lifestyle. We can help you achieve low country living at its finest.

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