Kitchen and Bathroom – Design Do’s

There is nothing dreamier than having a luxurious master bathroom, and it all starts with a gorgeous high-end shower. The shower really is the star of the show it is a good idea to start your bathroom design with the shower in mind. The shower is the place you really want to focus on, choosing gorgeous high-end tile for your shower enclosure is the start of creating that lovely oasis in your home. We have several recommendations to help you in the tile selection process, so that you can create a gorgeous shower enclosure and have that perfect escape to help you unwind at the end of a long day.

Design Do’s

The first thing we recommend keeping in mind is the overall aesthetic you are going for. Is your design style coastal, minimalist, modern? When you are looking for your beautiful high-end shower tiles it is a great idea to stick with the overall design theme you are wanting to create in your bathroom. If you are wanting a sleek modern feel you will want to consider beautiful monochromatic tiles. You can create a stunning modern look with all black tiles and gold shower fixtures. If you are looking create more of a coastal look in your bathroom smaller tiles with interesting shapes in shades of blue may be a more appropriate look for you. No matter what your style you will be able to create that show stopping shower you want as the foundation of your bathroom design.

Material Selection

Choosing what the tiles you want in the shower are made of is an important next step. While keeping in mind the overall look of your shower, you will want to also consider the type of tiles you are choosing for both the walls and the shower floor. It may be wise to select different high-end tiles to install on both the walls of the shower and the floor depending on the style you are looking for. When looking for tiles for your shower walls you have more flexibility than you do for the floors. You can have practically any type of tile on your shower walls from ceramic to glass and anything in between. You can find stunning glass mosaic tiles that look phenomenal and really update the look of your shower. The possibilities are practically endless for your shower walls. For shower floors however you will want to use a bit of caution when shopping for tiles. Since showers are wet and get be quite slipper you will want to look for coordinating tiles for your shower floor that have a bit of a slip resistance. This way you won’t go slipping and sliding around your shower! Our suggestion is to look for ceramic tiles that have a bit of grit to the texture to help you keep your footing.
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Tile Size Is Important

The size of the tiles for you shower is another important aspect of selecting your high-end tiles for your new shower installation. If the size of your shower is on the smaller side, it might be a good idea to choose a larger tile. The larger tiles in a smaller area have the ability to create an illusion making the shower itself seem larger. This is because you will have less grout lines on the walls of your shower. 

Smaller tiles will have more grout lines and can be used in larger showers if desired. Small tiles do have their own lovely appearance and will add elegance to any bathroom but do keep in mind that smaller tiles with more grout lines will add to the overall upkeep and maintenance of your shower.

If you keep these tips in the forefront of your mind when you are designing and shopping for your new high-end tile shower installation you will create an incredibly beautiful shower for your master bathroom. There is nothing more beautiful than a put together bathroom that is a luxury to come home and unwind after a long day.